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MS Diet for Optimum Health

No No's:

  • Fast food of any sorts (not even salads)  

  • Fried food of any kind

  • Sugar  

  • Sugar substitutes

  • Pork  

  • Beef  

  • Shellfish and bottom=dwelling fish (lobster, shrimp, clams, mussels, flounder, etc.)

  • Peanuts   

  • Cashews  

  • Dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese, etc.)

  • Vegetable oil/shortenings/etc.

  • Wheat  

  • Flour of any kind  

  • White rice  

  • Yeast  

  • Mushrooms  

  • MSG

  • Corn syrup  

  • Diet food of any kind  

  • Caffeine  

  • Alcohol (if you must drink - limit to red wine only (1 or 2 glasses) on occasions


Yes List:

  • Chicken  

  • Turkey  

  • Lamb  

  • Fish  

  • Vegetables  

  • Fruit  

  • Nuts (except for peanuts or cashews)  

  • Olive Oil

  • Goat Cheese (only on occasions)  

  • Brown rice  

  • 100% pure and local honey 

  • All-natural maple syrup

  • Stevia


This is the diet I began October 1, 2007, after finding out I had a new lesion and some growths that developed. I saw an iridologist and holistic nutritionist who gave me the bulk of the items on these lists, and I added some things as well after doing some research. After one year on this diet and taking a regimen of all-natural supplements, the lesion reversed itself!! There is a scar there but no lesion. I also lost 30 pounds on it. After almost two years on this diet, I went extreme and started an even more strict Healing Diet which I have now faithfully followed for more than three years.

MS Healing Diet

Eat Only the Following:

  • Fresh vegetables (raw as much as possible - no potatoes, corn or peas - avoid ones grown below ground)

  • Fresh fruits (or frozen if no sugar added)

  • Raw nuts (no peanuts or cashews)

  • Raw seeds

  • Eggs (organic, free range)

  • Wild Alaskan Salmon (on occasions)

  • Goat cheese (on occasions)

  • Stevia and agave nectar are the only acceptable sweeteners

  • ALL NO NO's from list above still apply

  • No processed foods and no preservatives


After being on the other diet for two years, it was not that big of a challenge to go to this more extreme diet. I have found I suffer a lot less pain from the arthritis and do not have the fatigue as often as I did before.