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For more information on "Live Cell Therapy" in Germany, please visit Dr. Janson-Müller’s website.  FYI – If you go to the testimonial page and scroll down, you will see Lori's testimony.


Please visit the Heil Luthringer Foundation:  Multiple Sclerosis Education website for support and education about Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  Dr. Debbie Heil and Lisa Luthringer, RN, created this Naples, Florida, foundation with the following mission.*

To provide MS education to

 1.  Afflicted individuals

 2.  Adult survivors of MS (ASMS)

 3.  Children of afflicted parents

 4.  Caregivers of chronic illness

 5.  Healthcare providers


To provide national scholarships to students whose parents have MS.

* Heil Luthringer Foundation:  Multiple Sclerosis Education website